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I understand the overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety that comes with financial instability, which is why I’ve dedicated my legal practice to helping people find relief from debts, from creditors, and from the threat of foreclosure. My aim is to help New Haven residents discover their legal options for dispelling their debts and moving forward with financial freedom and hope for a better future. With 25+ years of experience, I’ve gained extensive knowledge and resources that allows me to provide comprehensive counsel every step of the way. Call (860) 661-4906 to learn how I, R. Richard Croce, LLC, can help you.

About the Bankruptcy Process

Throughout my career, I have helped hundreds of clients regain their financial footing and work toward rebuilding their lives. I am to provide motivation and encouragement to help you take the right measures to dispel your debts and restore your credit through bankruptcy. No matter your financial situation, I can address your concerns and help you find the best course of action to meet your needs.

In addition to providing comprehensive guidance throughout the process of filing for bankruptcy and finding relief from debt, I can also help my clients restore their credit after filing. My 7 Steps to a 720 Score program has helped countless individuals take the right measures to rebuild their credit. I can provide the resources, tools, and motivation necessary to ensure you can maintain stability after resolving your debts.

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The first step on your journey toward debt relief is by contacting a compassionate and experienced New Haven bankruptcy attorney. When you come to my firm, you can gain the invaluable legal counsel and resources that you need to pursue debt relief. I am proud to provide residents of New Haven with affordable, helpful, and sincere legal counsel and help families find a fresh start.

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