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Bankruptcy Attorney in Middletown

Repair Your Credit in Hartford, New Haven, New London, Middletown or Meriden

People come to my office with questions, concerns, and anxieties. Oftentimes, they are feeling desolate and alone. Many have suffered for years with financial turmoil. Others have recently experienced a financial hardship due to illness or injury, the loss of a job or failed business venture.

No matter what road of life you are traveling on, you can be confident in knowing that your rest stop is ahead. I am here to help you resolve your debt once and for all.

Common questions that I can provide effective answers for include:

  • What are my options?
  • How can I stop creditors from harassing me?
  • Can I keep my home and belongings?
  • Is there hope for my future credit score?

Even When You Are Facing the Unknown, You Have Hope

No matter what stage of life you are in, at you have debt relief and credit repair options. With over 25 years of debt relief and credit restoration experience, I know how to motivate, encourage, and reassure you to take empowered steps toward a more certain financial future. In fact, I even offer my clients focused and compassionate guidance through the 7 Steps to a 720 Score program!

Whether you are struggling with business debt, credit card debt, student loan debt or medical bills, I can help you resolve your issues in a timely and affordable manner. Start living your life with less anxiety and more peace of mind. Call my office to schedule your free consultation where I can offer you personalized, one-on-one advice.

  • Replace your old credit by paying bills on time.
  • Stay away from credit card, bank, and bureau scams.
  • Keep your credit score information with the credit bureaus updated.
  • Consistently build a great credit score with low credit lines.
  • Fix high-priority errors on a credit score.
  • Demand a lower interest rate from your bank.
  • Negotiate your debts with creditors or collectors.

Customized Solutions to Regain Control of Your Life

We have helped countless people throughout Middletown, Middlesex County, Hartford, New Haven, New London, Meriden and beyond reclaim their credit scores and regain their footing after a serious financial setback. No matter how complex your case is, no matter how far in debt you are, our firm has the skill and legal knowledge to provide you with an effective resolution.

Start on a New Path To Success

It is time to get started on a new path to success. I'm here to help you turn the page to a new chapter of your life - a chapter that can begin with a breath of fresh air and renewed spirit. My firm is here to help you every step of the way, providing you with focused, affordable, and practical legal counsel as you make the transformative decisions for a better and brighter future for yourself and your family.

Call my office today to schedule your free consultation. I look forward to speaking with you personally getting to know your unique story and helping you reach a happy ending.

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