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A Customized Program Designed To Help You Succeed

The 7 Steps to a 720 Score is a program specifically designed by Philip Tirone, an industry leader in credit score improvement. The program, conducted both online and in-person, exposes some of the common pitfalls that consumer debtors fall into when trying to repair a credit score. By informing consumers of their rights and offering the invaluable resources needed to save their credit scores, countless clients have regained control of their lives in as little as 12 to 24 months.

I can provide you with step-by-step strategies to rebuild your credit:


  • Replace your old credit by paying bills on time.
  • Stay away from credit card, bank and bureau scams.
  • Keep your credit score information with the credit bureaus updated.
  • Consistently build a great credit score with low credit lines.
  • Fix high-priority errors on a credit score.
  • Demand a lower interest rate from your bank.
  • Negotiate your debts with creditors or collectors.

The 7 Steps to a 720 Score should not be looked at as a program that will completely wipe out your credit report; rather, it is a program that can heal your credit score over time. By learning healthy credit and spending habits, you can essentially keep your bottom line for years to come.

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photo of attorney R. Richard Croce